Om Swasti Astu !


“OM SWATI ASTU” This is Balinese greeting means may the God always blessing you !

Bali Private Guide is a Bali-based professional tour & travel operator which has had a lot of experience in handling corporate and individual tour as well as coordinate for special interest. We also have tailor made tour which give the customer freedom to create their own itinerary, and with pleasure will give an advise if it is necessary. Our vision is to support the government program to promote and maximize the tourism’s potentials in Bali especially and in Indonesia in generally.

“OM SHANTI, SHANTI, SHANTI OM “ means peace within the heart, peace with nature and peace with the creator (God). Balinese believe this greeting can generate an energy and at the same time drive an awareness of external parties to take part in maintaining Bali with the love and care so that it can be freed from inconveniences . it’s the spirit coloring the activities of Bali along with the entire dwellers.

Best regards,

Ngurah Arbawa